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Hulu Blocks Democrats’ Political Ads On ‘Sensitive’ Issues Like Abortion, Guns

The Disney-owned streaming platform Hulu reportedly blocked political ads funded by Democratic candidates focused on abortion and guns.Hulu apparently rejected ads purchased jointly...

‘Unhinged’: Right-Wing Lawmaker Ripped Over Gun-Toting ‘Message’ For Biden Admin

Sharp-eyes viewers also spotted a big problem with how he was holding one of his firearms. Source link

‘Systemic Failures’ In Uvalde School Massacre, Report Finds

UVALDE, Texas (AP) — Nearly 400 law enforcement officials rushed to a mass shooting at a Uvalde elementary school, but “systemic failures” created...

Heavily Armed Man Who Was Tackled In Houston Mall Gets 6 Months On Minor Charge

A Texas man who was tackled in a Houston mall in February while carrying a rifle and 120 rounds of ammunition near a...


Woman Who Lost Home In Anne Heche Crash Shares Statement On ‘Devastating’ Death

The renter whose Los Angeles home was burned...

Mary Trump Speculates Jared Kushner Could Be Mar-a-Lago Snitch

Mary Trump is speculating that Jared Kushner may...

George Conway: Current Probe Is ‘Shortest Distance Between Trump And Orange Jumpsuit’

The current investigation of White House documents seized...


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