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[Sticky] How To do trend Trading.?- Karan Trend Trader  


Naveen Arya
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20/07/2020 12:05 am  

Trend trading is one of the best strategies to make money in the markets. Basically Speaking Market can only move in 3 directions:- 

  1. Upward trend
  2. Downward trend
  3. Sideways Trend

There are many Indicators and tools available in the market with the help of which you can trade in the direction of the trend.

There is an old saying in the market that money is where the trend is.

Fundamental Analysis may not give you a clear idea of short term trend of a stock or market, But if you gain knowledge through technical tools to track trend of the market and take the trade-in that direction only you will surely make money


Karan is one of the experienced traders who love to trade in the direction of the trend and follow trend only, He has a high win ratio in the market.