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[Sticky] Fyers Demat Account  

Naveen Arya
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Fyers is a New Kid on the Block and In fact, one can safely say that It has its seeds in Zerodha as its Co-Founder & CEO, Tejas Khoday was once an employee of Zerodha.

Fyers has integrated with the Tradingview platform and that is its Unique Selling point (USP), as they have full features of world-class trading charting solutions from tradingview, The company is based in Banglore India and run its operations from there only.

Fyers Have got its NSE licence 5 years back in 2015 and after that, there is no looking back for the company, Recently Fyers has come up with an updated version of their mobile app which they claim to have added many functionalities and tried to fix bugs and other features which were there in the previous version.

However, Fyers Web is a great tool to trade directly through charts which even Zerodha has not implemented till today properly.

Fyers One desktop software is another piece of art software where you get all the features and functionality for trading effectively in the markets.


Fyers has tried to catch up with the other discount brokers in the country there is both side of coins some people complaint about fyers customer service, But considering the features, it provides an overall trading experience, Fyers has certainly an edge.

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